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2002 Greg's #1 Quad City SteamWheeler Fan site

The Deck Mates
Quad City SteamWheeler news & Info site
The Deck Mates
Section 214 photos-tailgaiting
Game 1 Quad City SteamWheelers vs Bossier City Battle wings
game 2 Quad City SteamWheelers @ Louisville Fire
Game 3 Quad City SteamWheelers (2-0) vs HAWAIIAN ISLANDERS (1-1)
Game 4 Quad City SteamWheelers (3-0) @Fresno Frenzy(0-3)
game 5 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-0)@ Peoria Pirates(3-2)
Game 6 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-1) vs (1-5) Wichita Stealth
Game 7 (5-1) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (1-6) Wichita Stealth
game 8 (5-2) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (6-2) Peoria Pirates
Game 9(5-3)QuadCity SteamWheelers vs (7-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 10 (5-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (4-6) Memphis Xplorers
Game 11 (6-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (9-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 12 (7-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (7-5) Bossier City Battle Wings
Game 13 (7-5) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (7-5) Bakersfield Blitz
Game 14 (8-5) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (2-11) Louisville Fire
Game 15 (9-5) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (3-11) Hawaiian Islanders
Game 16 (9-6) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (7-8) San Diego Riptide
Greg's AF2 team home web sites!!
SteamWheelers stats, After 16 games!! Season over till 2003!! We will be Back!!
SteamWheeler players of past & today


2000 DeckMates

2002 Fan nite! fan friendly,Mick Nelson caught in the middle!!

fan Nite 2002 - autographs with smiles!!

Easter 2001

2002 Quad City DeckMates

very front row works with the DeckMates and in the office, Jillian Vercautren
front Row DeckMates
Kateeya Ryan,Andrea Hermann,Kristen Kraemer,Bre Baker,Kimberly Pierce and Staci Wolf
Back row
Stephanie Hillyer,Deanna Ludin,Amanda Hermann,Jennifer Haigh(Cheerleading coach & Choreographer) Jennifer Porter,Ebony Brankovic,Annette Ackerman and Julie DeTrent    not pictured Sarah Widick & Joanna Saxton and Randi Pickett
HOPE this is Right!!  thanks for the tip!!    ROCK


could these two be twins?? Andrea & Amanda 2002 fan nite

2001 DeckMates

Kim Pierce

fan nite 2002

Bre & Brynn 2001 SteamWheeler Deck Mates

Annette-another DeckMate from the 2001

Andrea, Melissa, Marissa and Tanya 2001 DeckMates