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game 5 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-0)@ Peoria Pirates(3-2)
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Game 1 Quad City SteamWheelers vs Bossier City Battle wings
game 2 Quad City SteamWheelers @ Louisville Fire
Game 3 Quad City SteamWheelers (2-0) vs HAWAIIAN ISLANDERS (1-1)
Game 4 Quad City SteamWheelers (3-0) @Fresno Frenzy(0-3)
game 5 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-0)@ Peoria Pirates(3-2)
Game 6 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-1) vs (1-5) Wichita Stealth
Game 7 (5-1) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (1-6) Wichita Stealth
game 8 (5-2) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (6-2) Peoria Pirates
Game 9(5-3)QuadCity SteamWheelers vs (7-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 10 (5-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (4-6) Memphis Xplorers
Game 11 (6-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (9-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 12 (7-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (7-5) Bossier City Battle Wings
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Game 16 (9-6) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (7-8) San Diego Riptide
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Quad City Steamwheelers Roster
Active Roster May 10th    (R) 1st yr player in af2
HEAD COACH: Rich Ingold
VOL. ASST. COACH: Phil Hayek
ASST. COACH Reggie Mathis

86 - Chris Anthony OS 6'3" 205 Iowa State R 75 - Cory Bern OL/DL 6'3" 300 Western Illinois R 58 - Corey Brown OL/DL 6'2" 295 University of Iowa AF2 QuadCity 42 - Raj Clark FB/LB 6'2" 240 University of Iowa R 44 - Josh Fourdyce FB/LB 6'2" 260 Knox College AF2 Quad City
01 - Ira Gooch OS 6'0" 190 Central Michigan R 14 - Brian Hegnauer K 6'0" 215 Ohio AF2 - Lafayette / Mohegan Camp
25 - Jeff Hewitt WR/DB 5'11" 190 South West Missouri State R
91 - Tim McGill OL/DL 6'3" 300 University of Illinois R
09 - Dan McMullen QB/WR/LB 6'3" 220 Saint Ambrose AF2
05 - Hiawatha Phifer WR/DB 6'0" 200 Western Illinois AF2 - Quad City
62 - Michael Schaefer OL/DL 6'6" 300 Toledo R
95 - T.J. Schneckloth OL/DL 6'5" 250 North West Missouri State R 50 - Justin Thies OL/DL 6'3" 270 Western Illinois AF2 - Quad City
02 - Eric Thigpen DS 6'1" 205 University of Iowa R
32 - Frank Trentadue FB/LB/OL/DL 6'1" 255 Elmhurst R
56 - Damon Williams      OL/DL    6'4"   305  Evangel            
                                    AF2 - Quad City
                                    21 - Pee-Wee Woods       DS       5'10"  176  Oklahoma            AF2 - Quad City
12 - Tony Zimmerman QB 6'3" 220 Duquesne R

INACTIVE TAXI ROSTER: 20 - Shawn Orr DS 5'8" 175 Benedict College R

INJURED RESERVE: 97 - Derrick Davison FB/LB 6'1" 240 University of Iowa R

Depth Chart




Tony Zimmerman


Dan McMullen



Ira Gooch



Hiawatha Phifer


Jeff Hewitt



Chris Anthony


Dan McMullen



Frank Trentadue


Josh Fourdyce



Corey Brown


Justin Thies



Cory Bern


Mike Schaefer


Tim McGill


Damon Williams


T.J. Schneckloth



Pee-Wee Woods



Eric Thigpen



Brian Hegnauer

                               Box Score (Final)
  Quad City Steamwhlrs vs Peoria Pirates (May 10, 2002 at Peoria Civic Center)
  Score by Quarters     1  2  3  4   Score
  -----------------    -- -- -- --   -----
  Quad City Steamwhlrs  7 13 22 14  - 56       Record: (4-0)
  Peoria Pirates...... 12 23 14 32  - 81       Record: (3-2)

  Scoring Summary:
  1st 11:39 PEO - DUPREE, Lincoln 40 yd missed FG return, , QUA 0 - PEO 6
      10:15 QUA - GOOCH, Ira 23 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER, Brian
                  kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 2-30 1:24, QUA 7 - PEO 6
      09:29 PEO - DUPREE, Lincoln 40 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (MEYER,
                  Robert rush failed), 1-45 0:46, QUA 7 - PEO 12
  2nd 14:56 PEO - KURZ, Todd 30 yd field goal, 7-17 4:32, QUA 7 - PEO 15
      11:41 PEO - CRAIG, Cornell 6 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (KURZ, Todd
                  kick from CHURCH, Walter), 5-23 3:09, QUA 7 - PEO 22
      09:58 QUA - GOOCH, Ira 33 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER, Brian
                  rush failed), 2-33 1:43, QUA 13 - PEO 22
      03:16 PEO - CRAIG, Cornell 3 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (KURZ, Todd
                  kick failed), 9-47 6:42, QUA 13 - PEO 28
      00:22 QUA - ANTHONY, Chris 10 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER,
                  Brian kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 9-45 2:54, QUA 20 - PEO 28
      00:01 PEO - DUPREE, Lincoln 2 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (KURZ, Todd
                  kick from CHURCH, Walter), 4-8 0:21, QUA 20 - PEO 35
  3rd 10:03 QUA - PHIFER, Hiawatha 6 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER,
                  Brian kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 5-25 2:46, QUA 27 - PEO 35
      08:02 PEO - JOHNSON, Eric 1 yd run (KURZ, Todd kick), 1-1 2:01, QUA 27 -
                  PEO 42
      06:51 QUA - HEWITT, Jeff 20 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER,
                  Brian kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 1-20 1:11, QUA 34 - PEO 42
      03:38 QUA - GOOCH, Ira 56 yd missed FG return (GOOCH, Ira pass), , QUA
                  42 - PEO 42
      02:28 PEO - CRAIG, Cornell 45 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (KURZ, Todd
                  kick from CHURCH, Walter), 1-45 1:10, QUA 42 - PEO 49
  4th 14:15 QUA - GOOCH, Ira 18 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER, Brian
                  kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 5-42 3:13, QUA 49 - PEO 49
      09:32 PEO - KURZ, Todd 23 yd field goal, 7-27 4:43, QUA 49 - PEO 52
      08:35 PEO - SHEFFIELD, Jermaine 0 yd fumble recovery (KURZ, Todd kick),
                  , QUA 49 - PEO 59
      06:18 QUA - HEWITT, Jeff 15 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (HEGNAUER,
                  Brian kick from ZIMMERMAN, Tony), 3-35 2:17, QUA 56 - PEO 59
      04:45 PEO - DUPREE, Lincoln 15 yd pass from CHURCH, Walter (KURZ, Todd
                  kick failed), 2-30 1:33, QUA 56 - PEO 65
      02:54 PEO - SHEFFIELD, Jermaine 0 yd fumble recovery (KURZ, Todd kick),
                  , QUA 56 - PEO 72
      00:52 PEO - SHEFFIELD, Jermaine 0 yd fumble recovery (KURZ, Todd kick),
                  , QUA 56 - PEO 79
      00:45 PEO - SHEFFIELD, Jermaine safety, , QUA 56 - PEO 81

                                      QUA      PEO
  FIRST DOWNS...................       15       15
  RUSHES-YARDS (NET)............      3-5     7-29
  PASSING YDS (NET).............      243      238
  Passes Att-Comp-Int...........  37-16-1  34-20-0
  TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS.....   43-248   43-267
  Fumble Returns-Yards..........      0-0      0-0
  Kickoff Returns-Yards.........   11-219    6-156
  Interception Returns-Yards....      0-0     1-17
  Fumbles-Lost..................      5-4      1-0
  Penalties-Yards...............     7-31    10-67
  Possession Time...............    28:13    31:47
  Sacks By: Number-Yards........      2-7      3-6
  RUSHING: Quad City Steamwhlrs-FOURDYCE, Josh 1-4; TRENTADUE, Frank 1-1;
  HEWITT, Jeff 1-0. Peoria Pirates-MEYER, Robert 3-19; JOHNSON, Eric 3-12;
  CHURCH, Walter 1-minus 2.
  PASSING: Quad City Steamwhlrs-ZIMMERMAN, Tony 16-37-1-249; Team 0-0-0-minus
  6. Peoria Pirates-CHURCH, Walter 20-34-0-245; TM 0-0-0-minus 7.
  RECEIVING: Quad City Steamwhlrs-ANTHONY, Chris 7-113; GOOCH, Ira 4-83;
  PHIFER, Hiawatha 3-18; HEWITT, Jeff 2-35. Peoria Pirates-CRAIG, Cornell
  10-120; CAMPBELL, Brand 4-51; DUPREE, Lincoln 3-57; SHEFFIELD, Jermaine
  2-11; BOUIE, Kenneth 1-6.
  INTERCEPTIONS: Quad City Steamwhlrs-None. Peoria Pirates-SHEFFIELD, Jermaine

  FUMBLES: Quad City Steamwhlrs-Team 3-3; PHIFER, Hiawatha 1-0; GOOCH, Ira
  1-1. Peoria Pirates-TM 1-0.
  Stadium: Carver Arena          Attendance: 7221
  Kickoff time: 7:15pm    End of Game: 9:55pm    Total elapsed time: 2:40
  Officials: Referee: Steve Newman; Umpire: Rick Podroza; Linesman: Kelly
  Line judge: Tom Wohlleber; Back judge: John Sullivan;
  Quad City Steamwhlrs vs Peoria Pirates (May 10, 2002 at Peoria Civic Center)
  SACKS (UA-A): Quad City Steamwhlrs-TRENTADUE, Frank 1-0. Peoria
  Pirates-VERDEGAN, Jon 1-0; SHEFFIELD, Jermaine 1-0.
  TACKLES (UA-A): Quad City Steamwhlrs-PHIFER, Hiawatha 9-1; WOODS, Pee Wee
  3-0; BROWN, Corey 2-0; MCMULLEN, Dan 2-0; BERN, Corey 2-0; TRENTADUE, Frank
  2-0; ANTHONY, Chris 2-1; THIGPEN, Eric 2-0; DAVISON, Derrick 1-0;
  SCHNECKLOTH, T. 1-0; WILLIAMS, Damon 1-0; ZIMMERMAN, Tony 1-0. Peoria
  Pirates-WEST, Frank 5-0; SHEFFIELD, Jermaine 4-0; DUPREE, Lincoln 3-0; COOK,
  Terence 2-0; NORRIS, Robert 2-0; CAMPBELL, Brand 2-0; KURZ, Todd 2-0;
  SIMPSON, Tim 1-0; BROWN, Antonio 1-0; MEYER, Robert 1-0; VERDEGAN, Jon 1-1;
  BOUIE, Kenneth 0-1.
   Player participation:
   Quad City Steamwhlrs: 1-GOOCH, Ira, 2-THIGPEN, Eric, 5-PHIFER, Hiawath,
   9-MCMULLEN, Dan, 12-ZIMMERMAN, Tony, 14-HEGNAUER, Brian,21-WOODS, Pee Wee,
   22-HEWITT, Jeff, 32-TRENTADUE, Fran, 44-FOURDYCE, Josh, 56-WILLIAMS, Damon,
   58-BROWN, Corey, 75-BERN, Corey,86-ANTHONY, Chris, 95-SCHNECKLOTH, T.,
   97-DAVISON, Derric.
   Peoria Pirates: 1-CAMPBELL, Brand, 5-KURZ, Todd, 10-NORRIS, Robert,
   17-DUPREE, Lincoln, 19-CHURCH, Walter, 25-WEST, Frank,35-MEYER, Robert,
   44-SIMPSON, Tim, 56-VERDEGAN, Jon, 77-GIBSON, Demond, 80-CRAIG, Cornell,
   84-SHEFFIELD, Jerm, 88-JOHNSON, Eric,89-BROWN, Antonio, 90-COOK, Terence,
   94-BOUIE, Kenneth.


Wake-up call for Wheelers?
By Craig DeVrieze/ QUAD-CITY TIMES

Veteran Steamwheeler Josh Fourdyce was surprised to learn Fridays second loss in Quad-City franchise history came almost exactly a year beyond the first.

It must be a jinx, he said after an 81-56 defeat in Peoria that occurred 363 days after a Year Two loss in Tulsa. Its different teams and different years. But thats kind of weird.

What it isnt, Fourdyce hinted, is a coincidence.

We were getting a little complacent this time last year, Fourdyce said, noting complacency also might have helped end the 17-game winning streak the
Steamwheelers took to Peoria.

Certainly Quad-City mistakes loomed large as this years team fell to 4-1. Peorias Jermaine Sheffield turned three fourth-quarter fumbles by Q-C quarterback Tony Zimmerman into touchdowns and also intercepted a first-quarter Zimmerman pass. Zimmerman was victimized by poor pass protection, coach Rich Ingold said. And the
Wheelers kickoff coverage was burned by three long returns, one of which went for a touchdown. The Steamwheelers defense stopped the Pirates only twice.

The offense moved the ball, with Zimmerman throwing for 249 yards and seven touchdowns. Chris Anthony caught seven passes for 113 yards and a score, and three of Ira Goochs four catches were touchdowns.

Still, turnovers told the tale. The
Steamwheelers had turned over the ball six times all season before Friday. They had five turnovers in Peoria while failing to force any Pirate turnovers.

Fourdyce hinted the team had not practiced as well or as hard as it should have.

You start to overlook things, he said, but he added, Were going to get it together. This is a good wake-up call.

Said Zimmerman of a loss that dropped Q-Cs franchise record to 41-2: Its not the end of the world. Its not the end of the season. Weve still got (Peoria) coming to our place (June 1). We still have 11 more games to go.

Craig DeVrieze can be contacted at (563) 333-2610 or

Phil Theobald

Just when I was about to think one indoor football game was not much different than any other indoor football game, they resumed the Quad City-Peoria rivalry - and they didn't wait for the Friday night kickoff to do it.

Nor did Lincoln Dupree wait long after the kickoff to do his new thing.

Dupree was everywhere as the Pirates avenged a pair of one-sided losses last season to the Steamwheelers.

"They came in talking a lot of trash," said Dupree after the 81-56 Peoria victory, "but even when they tied it up in the fourth quarter, I wasn't worried."

Oh, well, I was a little worried. Were you at all worried, Bruce Cowdrey? "Heck, yes, I was worried," said the Pirates head coach, who had words with Quad City head coach Rich Ingold before the game.

"That was a wild game," said Cowdrey. "I thought if we could score 50, we'd be in it."

If wild is what indoor football should be, this had to be the best game for Carver Arena spectators in the four-year history of the game in Peoria.

"I haven't seen one any better against a good team," said Cowdrey, who was coaching in Florida last year when the Steamwheelers took two from Peoria by a combined 86-7. "They're good."

They're also minus the unbeaten record they came in with, thanks in large part to a speedster who hasn't played on offense since starring in high school at Sacramento (Calif.) Grant.

"In my infinite wisdom, we were short a man in practice and I told Lincoln to get in there and try going both ways," said Cowdrey, explaining how a cornerback becomes a triple threat on a moment's notice.

Dupree returned a missed field goal to open the scoring, then caught three touchdown passes, had two kickoff returns to set up touchdowns, defended a few Quad City passes in the end zone and put a hit on Steamwheelers speedster Ira Gooch that hurt to hear it.

That performance overshadowed even the pregame confrontation.

"We had copies of that (Quad-City Times) newspaper article and read them in the locker room before the game," said Dupree.

The article was written by Craig DeVrieze, the guy who won a bet and removed my ponytail at halftime last season. Ingold, angry at being unable to acquire game films to prepare for this game was quoted as saying the Pirates "are liars. Unprofessional."

Never one to let a situation fester, Cowdrey reportedly told Ingold what he thought of that quote. Diplomatically, of course.

"Things came out that should not have come out," said Ingold after the conversation. "I try not to get involved (in the sideshow area of the indoor game), and I'm disappointed in myself for doing it."

After the game, DeVrieze said to Cowdrey, "I understand you were a little upset."

"No, a lot," said Cowdrey, whose strong suit is not discretion when riled.

Now, I refuse to get involved in this inter-city nastiness, so I'll just say there would be no Quad City if someone had forgotten to invent the sump pump and the sandbag.

Anyway, the game films Ingold wanted to study would have shown Lincoln Dupree playing excluseivly on defense.

"We all made plays," said Dupree. "This is a great win. Our front dominated the game in the fourth quarter. I did want an interception, though."

Don't be greedy Lincoln. But don't stop pestering Cowdrey to include you in more pass patterns.

"Coach had a great game plan," said Dupree. "I just kind of teased him during practice to have (quarterback Walter) Church throw me a deep ball.

"I told him if they threw me a deep ball and I didn't catch it, no one else would, either."

Not that Dupree came in with the idea of beating Quad City by himself. Just beating the Steamwheelers was more than enough.

"They came in here with their heads high, thinking they were going to whup us the way they did last year," he said. "It wasn't going to happen this year."

"We feel very fortunate that we were able to play at the level of intensity required to defeat Quad City," said Cowdrey, who apparently planned to shake Ingold's hand after the game. Ingold apparently walked the other way.

Happy about stirring things up, DeVrieze? "I just wrote what the man said," answered the visiting writer, who owes me a ponytail because the Steamwheelers are on probation for cheating last year.

If they still want a game film, Coach, send them this one.

  • Phil Theobald is Journal Star associate sports editor/columnist. Write him at 1 News Plaza, Peoria, IL 61643, call (309) 686-3201 or e-mail

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