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Game 1 Quad City SteamWheelers vs Bossier City Battle wings
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Section 214 photos-tailgaiting
Game 1 Quad City SteamWheelers vs Bossier City Battle wings
game 2 Quad City SteamWheelers @ Louisville Fire
Game 3 Quad City SteamWheelers (2-0) vs HAWAIIAN ISLANDERS (1-1)
Game 4 Quad City SteamWheelers (3-0) @Fresno Frenzy(0-3)
game 5 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-0)@ Peoria Pirates(3-2)
Game 6 Quad City SteamWheelers(4-1) vs (1-5) Wichita Stealth
Game 7 (5-1) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (1-6) Wichita Stealth
game 8 (5-2) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (6-2) Peoria Pirates
Game 9(5-3)QuadCity SteamWheelers vs (7-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 10 (5-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (4-6) Memphis Xplorers
Game 11 (6-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (9-1) Tennessee Valley Vipers
Game 12 (7-4) Quad City SteamWheelers @ (7-5) Bossier City Battle Wings
Game 13 (7-5) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (7-5) Bakersfield Blitz
Game 14 (8-5) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (2-11) Louisville Fire
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Game 16 (9-6) Quad City SteamWheelers vs (7-8) San Diego Riptide
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Quad City SteamWheelers vs Bossier City Battle wings


Fans turn out to see the show
By Mike Vergane/ QUAD-CITY TIMES

At first glance, nothing appears to have changed.

Like the previous two home openers, pregame festivities at Saturday nights
Steamwheelers game included pyrotechnics, cheerleaders, mascots and rock music.

And much like last seasons opener, the pregame was highlighted by the raising of a championship banner.

Steamwheelers owner Jim Foster, the P.T. Barnum of arena football, kept the fans focus on the field. And in keeping with Barnums theory that if the people like looking at one horse they will love looking at two, Foster kept the contests and giveaways going.

Many fans did not seem to care that the
Steamwheelers are on probation and will be unable to participate in the af2 postseason. Steve Rohlf of Davenport and his 5-year-old son, Daniel, just wanted to see some football.

I dont think it will affect how many games we will go to, Steve Rohlf said. We have gone to six games over the past two seasons, and we will probably go to a couple more this year.

Trent Hanrahan of Hillsdale, Ill., brought his wife and 4-year-old son to their first Wheeler game and knew little of what happened during the offseason. He did not feel that it would affect the play on the field or their interest.

Steamwheelers general manager Ed Knupp expected a good walk-up crowd and remained optimistic that the team will not suffer because of the sanctions.

The season-ticket holders have renewed at a very good rate, Knupp said. The new holders have been slow to come on board, but we expected that to be the case. What we are happy about is that we have a good, solid fan base behind us. The problem the fans may have is that the economy went soft over the winter months.

Attendance for the game was announced at 7,831.

Although many fans were perfectly happy to just watch football and be entertained, some would still like some questions answered. One such fan is former Steamwheeler Fan Club President Mick Nelson of Moline.

I believe that what Harry Truman said is true, in that the buck stops here, Nelson said. And I believe the buck stops at Jim Fosters desk. He is the Harry Truman of this team.

Nelson echoed the sentiments of many fans who have followed the developments over the past five months. They say the league office needs to be more forthcoming and let the public know exactly what rules were violated.

Another interested fan who was unaware of any rules violations was the girlfriend of OL/DL Corey Brown, Contera Batie, of Iowa City.

I never even heard about (the sanctions) from my boyfriend, she said. I heard about it from the other fans who called and e-mailed me. I still dont even know what happened. He doesnt talk about it. It seems to me that nobody knew the rules.

Contact the sports desk at (563) 383-2285 or


NAIL BITER SteamWheelers39 Bossier city 34
by Greg Schaefer

interceptions in the endzones for both teams, Battle Wings fumble the ball away with: 04 left in the game at the steamWheeler at the QC 2yard line!! Our Qb Zimmerman throws a int with :35 left in the game in the endzone on 1st and 10 at around the Steamwheelers 20yrd line. Our kicker misses a exp late in the 3rd qtr and kicks the ball twice out of bounds to give them the ball at there 20yd line after we scored. our kicker has no distance in hitting the nets on kick offs. nail biter for both coaches. remember the name Frank Trentadue!! a stud pass rusher that plays FB/DL/LB --spin move-swim move--speed-bull rusher,he wants the QB!! Chris Anthony OS, throw him the ball, he will catch it! section 214 was in great form and the tailgating was superb!! i found out if you bring a ribeye, you bring one for all at Micks party!! i need to wind down, too much nail biting..

                               Box Score (Final)
  Bossier Battle Wings vs Quad City Steamwhlrs (Apr 06, 2002 at Moline, Ill.)

  Score by Quarters     1  2  3  4   Score
  -----------------    -- -- -- --   -----
  Bossier Battle Wings 14  0  7 13  - 34       Record: (0-1)
  Quad City Steamwhlrs 14 12  6  7  - 39       Record: (1-0)

  Scoring Summary:
  1st 13:01 QUA - ANTHONY, Chris 34 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (SCHROEDER,
                  Paul kick), 3-34 1:59, BOS 0 - QUA 7
      10:20 BOS - HOLLOWAY, Larry 6 yd run (KENT, Marty kick), 4-31 2:41, BOS
                  7 - QUA 7
      04:48 QUA - HEWITT, Jeff 14 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (SCHROEDER,
                  Paul kick), 14-0 10:20, BOS 7 - QUA 14
      00:00 BOS - MARTIN, Jason 1 yd run (KENT, Marty kick), 14-0 10:20, BOS
                  14 - QUA 14
  2nd 05:30 QUA - HEWITT, Jeff 7 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (SCHROEDER, Paul
                  kick), 6-27 4:01, BOS 14 - QUA 21
      00:04 QUA - SCHROEDER, Paul 40 yd field goal, 6-10 0:48, BOS 14 - QUA 24
      00:00 QUA - TRENTADUE, F. safety, , BOS 14 - QUA 26
  3rd 10:57 BOS - STEVENSON, Kevin 19 yd pass from POTEETE, Sherard (KENT,
                  Marty kick), 7-25 4:03, BOS 21 - QUA 26
      07:04 QUA - ANTHONY, Chris 4 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (SCHROEDER,
                  Paul kick failed), 7-45 3:53, BOS 21 - QUA 32
  4th 13:50 QUA - ANTHONY, Chris 32 yd pass from ZIMMERMAN, Tony (SCHROEDER,
                  Paul kick), 3-45 1:38, BOS 21 - QUA 39
      10:00 BOS - SHORT, Dennis 7 yd pass from POTEETE, Sherard (KENT, Marty
                  kick), 4-32 3:50, BOS 28 - QUA 39
      00:58 BOS - SHORT, Dennis 30 yd pass from POTEETE, Sherard (POTEETE,
                  Sherard pass failed), 1-30 0:25, BOS 34 - QUA 39

                                      BOS      QUA
  FIRST DOWNS...................       18       15
  RUSHES-YARDS (NET)............    11-27     2-17
  PASSING YDS (NET).............      249      196
  Passes Att-Comp-Int...........  40-23-3  34-17-2
  TOTAL OFFENSE PLAYS-YARDS.....   53-276   40-213
  Fumble Returns-Yards..........      0-0     1-12
  Kickoff Returns-Yards.........     5-75     4-66
  Interception Returns-Yards....     2-30     3-15
  Fumbles-Lost..................      2-1      0-0
  Penalties-Yards...............    16-90    10-88
  Possession Time...............    39:51    20:09
  Sacks By: Number-Yards........     4-17     2-12

  RUSHING: Bossier Battle Wings-POTEETE, Sherard 6-15; HOLLOWAY, Larry 2-6;
  SHORT, Dennis 1-5; MARTIN, Jason 2-1. Quad City Steamwhlrs-TRENTADUE, F.
  1-11; ZIMMERMAN, Tony 1-6.

  PASSING: Bossier Battle Wings-POTEETE, Sherard 14-24-2-168; MARTIN, Jason
  9-16-1-93; Team 0-0-0-minus 12. Quad City Steamwhlrs-ZIMMERMAN, Tony
  17-34-2-213; Team 0-0-0-minus 17.

  RECEIVING: Bossier Battle Wings-STEVENSON, Kevin 7-82; SHORT, Dennis 5-58;
  STROTHER, Lance 5-55; MORRIS, Val 3-43; KELLEY, Corey 3-23. Quad City
  Steamwhlrs-ANTHONY, Chris 6-98; GOOCH, Ira 5-40; HEWITT, Jeff 4-42; PHIFER,
  H. 2-33.

  INTERCEPTIONS: Bossier Battle Wings-ROBINSON, Cedric 1-0; MORRIS, Val 1-30.
  Quad City Steamwhlrs-PHIFER, H. 2-15; WOODS, Pee-Wee 1-0.

  FUMBLES: Bossier Battle Wings-HOLLOWAY, Larry 1-1; KELLEY, Corey 1-0. Quad
  City Steamwhlrs-None.

  Stadium: The Mark              Attendance: 7831
  Kickoff time: 7:30 pm   End of Game: 10:12     Total elapsed time: 2:42
  Officials: Referee: Tony Canella; Umpire: Brett Denker; Linesman: Patrick
  Line judge: Larry Orrico; Back judge: Ed Pevonka; Scorer: G. Bodensteiner;

  Hiawatha Phifer (Q.C.) - Game MVP
  Chris Anthony (Q.C.) - Ironman
  Frank Trentadue (Q.C.) - Defensive MVP

  Bossier Battle Wings vs Quad City Steamwhlrs (Apr 06, 2002 at Moline, Ill.)

  SACKS (UA-A): Bossier Battle Wings-WHEELER, Carl 2-0; SHORT, Dennis 1-0;
  FOSTER JR., Charles 1-0. Quad City Steamwhlrs-TRENTADUE, F. 2-0.

  TACKLES (UA-A): Bossier Battle Wings-ROBINSON, Cedric 5-1; MORRIS, Val 3-2;
  SAMSON, Chris 3-1; SHORT, Dennis 2-1; HOLLOWAY, Larry 1-1; WHEELER, Carl
  0-2; KELLEY, Corey 1-0; STEVENSON, Kevin 1-0; MASH, Alex 1-0. Quad City
  Steamwhlrs-THIGPEN, Eric 6-10; WOODS, Pee-Wee 4-3; PHIFER, H. 3-2;
  TRENTADUE, F. 2-1; BROWN, Corey 1-2; THIES, Justin 1-2; ANTHONY, Chris 0-3;
  DAVISON, D. 2-0; MCGILL, Tim 0-2; GOOCH, Ira 1-0; SCHROEDER, Paul 1-0; BERN,
  Cory 0-1; MCMULLEN, Dan 0-1; CLARK, Raj 0-1.

  Game Starters:

  Bossier Battle Wings                      Quad City Steamwhlrs

  POS  ## OFFENSE                           POS  ## OFFENSE
  QB   12 MARTIN, Jason                     QB   12 ZIMMERMAN, Tony
  OS    28 Strother,Lance                      OS   86 ANTHONY, Chris
  WR   7 Stevenson,Kevin                    
WR   5  PHIFER, H.
  WR   13 MORRIS, Val                          WR   22 HEWITT, Jeff
  FB   34 HOLLOWAY, Larry                 FB   32 TRENTADUE, F.
  G    76 HOPKINS, Clay                         
C    58 BROWN, Corey
  C    71 BAILEY, Brian                           G    75 BERN, Cory
  G    68 WHEELER, Carl                        G    91 MCGILL, Tim

  POS  ## DEFENSE                           POS  ## DEFENSE
  DS   27 SAMSON, Chris                     DS   21 WOODS, Pee-Wee
  DS   9  ROBINSON, Cedri                  DS   2  THIGPEN, Eric
  DB   7  STEVENSON, Kevi                DB   5  PHIFER, H.
  LB   13 MORRIS, Val                           DB   22 HEWITT, Jeff
  LB   34 HOLLOWAY, Larry                LB   32 TRENTADUE, F.
  DE   76 HOPKINS, Clay                      DL   58 BROWN, Corey
  DE   71 BAILEY, Brian                        DL   75 BERN, Cory
  NT   68 WHEELER, Carl                     DL   91 MCGILL, Tim

   Player participation:

   Bossier Battle Wings: 5-KENT, Marty, 6-POTEETE, Sherar, 8-SHORT, Dennis,
   20-KELLEY, Corey, 28-STROTHER, Lance,31-FOSTER JR., Cha, 73-MASH, Alex.

   Quad City Steamwhlrs: 1-GOOCH, Ira, 3-SCHROEDER, Paul, 9-MCMULLEN, Dan,
   42-CLARK, Raj, 50-THIES, Justin, 64-DEMPSEY, Miller,97-DAVISON, D..